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A little about me...


Since I was young, all I wanted was to be a wife, mom, and be able to work at something I loved while keeping my family a top priority.  Corporate life was not a great fit and I found my creativity stifled as i climbed the ladder higher.  As a freelancer, I have made my dreams come true.  I am creative, hard-working and dedicated to my clients.  I want to help you make your dreams come true also!

The Process

What to expect ...

The first thing you will do is schedule a free consultation.  On the call I will ask clarifying questions to understand the scope of work. Then, I will prepare a formal proposal for your consideration.

If you decide to move forward with me, I send a client agreement via DocuSign.  This is not a legally binding document so we can both get out of it at any time.  It is for us to agree on the terms of the project and our work together.

Finally, I will share a Google folder.  All of my project management is through Google drive.  That way the folders and documents are secured between us in order to maintain our communication in a way that is organized, effective, and efficient.

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